Ai'halla, Effendi of the al-Bhangazi

Delzhan Noble, Duke of al-Bhangaz


A short and broad-shouldered Delzhan man in the height of Chiaroscuro fashion. He is from the island of Bhangazai and the leader of the Ummah al-Bhangaz, the southernmost dominion of Delzhan power, on the Tsu-Dian-Pei.

He is clearly out of place in the sophisticated ballrooms of Chiaroscuro, and looks deeply uncomfortable in his fashionable attire.


The island dwelling Bhangazai have always been considered a little strange by most other Delzhan, despite Ai’halla’s line being descended from one of the Kha-Khan‘s most stalwart companions. He is sensitive to this reputation of strangeness, and so maintains a small stable to make up for the family’s shameful legacy as poor riders, despite the impracticality of such a gesture on a fairly small island.

He is in town with a sizable retinue, and has been somewhat vocal about supporting Wazhu’s claim.

Ai'halla, Effendi of the al-Bhangazi

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