Cynis Nagezzer

Renowned Degenerate


A corpulent man with a greenish-brown tinted skin, his hair, which is always oiled and scented, is entwined in ivy, and he always smells of lilacs. To call his gait anything other than a waddle would be disingenuous. He wears the finest Realm fashions and seems to carry a large variety of drugs on him at any moment. He also seems to always have a courtesan or two in tow, and when moving any ind of significant distance, he rides on a lavish litter carried by strapping servants.


Even for the degenerate House Cynis, Nagezzer has a reputation for debauchery. As a member of the Senate for decades, he’s had a position of affluence but no real responsibility. Now that, at least temporarily, the Senate has become a seat of contested power, he seems to avoid his appointed office.

It’s unclear what his business in Chiaroscuro is, besides attending all the parties and hosting an already infamous orgy, but still, it’s not as though the Blessed Isle were short on orgies.He has been seen frequently in the company of al-Bheezir and Zegra-ha.

Cynis Nagezzer

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