Deathknight Ambassador and Scholar


Chezextal, also known as the Good Doctor, is a deathknight in service to the Disquieting Gardener. He is a man of the Southeast, with dusky, tan skin that is pocked and weathered, despite his apparent youth – certainly no more than thirty-five, to the eye. He wears muted hues and is generally dressed a bit heavy for the temperature. Gold-rimmed spectacles framing his piercing blue-green eyes and his rich, ruddy brown hair is cut short.

Certainly the most immediately noticeable thing about him is that he moves around in a wheel-chair. Despite this he seems to get around the city a lot, and is something of a hit among the Delzhan, and even the Dynasts.


Chezextal is an erudite and extremely sociable individual. Since his arrival in Chiaroscuro three weeks ago, he has quickly won over most of the Delzhan nobles, and has even enjoyed private dinners with Ledaal Wu-Joon, and Sesus Felix.

He has spent the greater part of his time, however, at the Library of Hal-Chi, and has given a series of lectures on the study of the fae at the Broken Jaw.

He is a noted occultist and hedge-mage.


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