Cathak Yan-So

Junior Senator from the Taemarea Prefecture, Sister to Perrin


A young Merutian woman, standing about 5’1" and with dark gray hair. She is fairly plain but has a commanding presence and a gift for oratory, which has helped establish her as one of the youngest senators in the history of the Scarlet Empire.


As the Great Houses marshal their troops for a power struggle, the Threshold sits relatively undefended. Yan-So has made waves and more than a few enemies by proposing a sweeping series of proposals that would limit the extent to which the Houses control their own legions, and pushed attempts to increase conscription requirements to the Army of Ten Thousand Dragons.

She is in Chiaroscuro, nominally for the Bicentennial, but not so secretly to try to convince Tepet Ejava and Sesus Zhai-Xing to keep their forces in the Threshold, as both are expected to pull back to the Blessed Isle over the next month.

Cathak Yan-So

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