Cathak Perrin

Dynast Bastard turned Anathema


Tall, 6’2". Muscular. Soldier type.

Refined mannerisms, somewhat obvious Perrin is from a major house. Currently wearing a Cathak officer’s uniform.


Born in the Imperial City as a bastard in House Cathak. Youngest of three siblings, and older half brother and older half sister. My brother is also an officer, but not dragon blooded. He is jealous of my sister and I because of this. My sister, Yan-So is a senator and also dragon blooded.

I attended the Jun Academy to become an officer. After academy I trained with Mnemon Shu-Pang in the field. She has been riding with the Wyld Hunt, we acted as their support unit. She left rather abruptly, ending my time and training with her.

On a solo assignment to Majihigan I was welcomed into town when one of my soldiers disappeared. My investigation led me to a sacrificial cult led by Pong-Su. I will not rest until he is killed.

Six months later, I arrived in Chiaroscuro and was quickly reunited with my aunt Ataxia.

In the past 24 hours I’ve met 5 other solar exalted. The meeting seems to have been arranged by a person calling themselves Mellifluous Way.

Cathak Perrin

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