Cathak Ataxia

Eccentric Dynast


A venerable Wood-aspect Dragon-blooded of around 450 (although she refuses to cite her actual age), Ataxia is clearly of mixed Northern and Merutian blood. She is a small, plump woman with what could charitably be described as childbearing hips.


Cathak Ataxia was once a chief political power in the Realm, a trusted adviser to the Scarlet Empress and a magistrate. Now in her twilight years, she has mostly retired and focuses now on House Cathak matters. She has a slew of children and grandchildren, with rather volatile relationships, and her favor is widely considered arbitrary. She seems to have an unusual soft spot for her mortal relations.

She graduated many, many years ago from the Spiral Academy, entering the foreign service and seeing the world. She strongly resented being forced to marry by her family, and having to settle down in the Imperial City. She rose rapidly up the Thousand Scales through sheer force of personality, eventually becoming a Magistrate, which allowed her to resume her travels to some degree, and she became quite familiar with the South and its politics.

She is the strongest voice among the elders of House Cathak against supporting Mnemon’s bid for the Scarlet Throne, although she isn’t particularly thrilled with Ledaal Wu-Joon either. Still, she knew Nellens personally, and liked the man, and knows what Mnemon will do to House Nellens should she win the Throne.

Furthermore, Cathak Ataxia just doesn’t care much for the manner in which that woman’s jib has been cut.

Cathak Ataxia

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