Bijan Son of Biju

Shayanti Diplomat


6’5" and broadly built, with traditional piercings and tattoos Bijan is a rather intimidating sort of diplomat. When engaged in conversation, he has a vice-like handshake and vows to spare your family for at least the next fortnight(a traditional Shayanti greeting).


The Shayanti have a fearsome reputation even in the war-like nation of Harborhead, inhabiting the southernmost reaches of the country, in the Mountains of Summer. Although they are the least numerous of the five tribes, which might imply disfavor, they seem to enjoy a very close bond with Ahlat, and the generally accepted theory is that without divine favor, the violent and perhaps half-mad tribe would have completely killed itself through incessant dueling and raiding.

Bijan Son of Biju

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