Weaver of the Tsu-Dian-Pei


An older man of the al-Jheetani tribe, wearing fancy silk suits and turbans unless travelling. Usually surrounded by attendants, including his bird-maiden mistress, Silassai. His left leg was lost in his youth, so he usually sits, although he has a wooden leg he breaks out when necessary.


A sailor in his youth, he sailed with the Fire Fleet, climbing his way to become kubernetes of a vessel called the Incorrigible Sturgeon, before a battle with the Western fae decimated the crew and left him a leg short and a little mad. He got his meager pension and despite the odds, found his way into the harbor-side counting houses An-Teng. His moral flexibility cost him his office there, and earned him a brand, but also gained him a few well-placed favors and started him off in the Guild, where he’s thrived for the past three decades.


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