Da'qir al-Bheezir

Weaver of the Delzhan, Rival to Zegra-ha


al-Bheezir stands about 5’11", with slightly darker skin than the more northerly Delzhan. He is nearly constantly smoking, and has a habit of making uncomfortably drawn out eye contact. His lips appear to be constantly forming words that aren’t quite discernible. He is much younger than his rival, Zegra-ha, looking no older than forty.


From the southern, still nomadic tribes of the Delzhan, “al-Bheezir” is actually a nickname that means something like “a hyena that shares a good joke with you while it eats you”.

Despite his quite friendly exterior, the man has a hard reputation, and has organized and led a ruthless cartel within the Guild, calling themselves the Indigo Faction.

Da'qir al-Bheezir

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