Southern God of War and Cattle


Ahlat takes several forms, but has three favorites. That of an enormous black bull, covered in scars and missing one horn; that of a tall bull-headed man garbed in armor; and that of an eight foot tall, muscular man with glowing dark red skin, hairless, with eye of bronze.


Ahlat is one of the more powerful of the Terrestrial gods, having a large following across the South, and having near explicit worship within the nation of Harborhead. Strictly speaking, due to the Immaculate Philosophy, its not worship, but merely reverence, but all Harborheadites know where their true allegiance lies.

Ahlat encourages constant low-level warfare among his people, to prevent them from getting weak. One of his favorite challenges is to demand cattle sacrifices, with the unspoken understanding that they be stolen from a neighboring tribe.

He has a small cult of women-warriors, called the Brides of Ahlat, who in a rare exception to the constant inter-clan rivalries of Harborhead, come from all the five tribes.


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