Aazim Effendi, Leader of al-Arishaakh

Leader of al-Arishaakh


A tall Delzhan man in his late forties, with the darker skin common among the still-nomadic southern tribes. He is direct, a habit common among the al-Arishaakh, a trait which the foolish often mistake for simplicity.


Aazim bin al-Arishaakh is Kharijah’s father, and the commandant of Ummah Al-Arishaakh.

He is a capable leader with considerable skill and decades of experience in both diplomacy and battle. His ability to tell the mood and intentions of almost anyone is legend among the Al-Arishaakh, and because of it he is incredibly difficult to swindle.

He is in town for the Bicentennial, and almost certainly to weigh in on the question of succession. His stance on the issue has not been formally elaborated; he is known to have mixed feelings towards both Wazhu and Queen Mafassei. He is frequently seen in the company of Ts’Aokuo, as well as his Gray Sash son and heir, Kharijah

Aazim Effendi, Leader of al-Arishaakh

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